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Court Rules


Hours of Operation

The Court is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with the exception of all Legal Holidays.

Phone Numbers and Address

Court Phone Number (330) 385-5151
Court Fax Number (330) 385-1566
Intensive Supervised Probation (330) 386-7420
Regular Supervised Probation (330) 386-7419
Unsupervised/Non-Reporting Probation (330)385-8657
Court Address 126 West 6th Street, East Liverpool, OH 43920

   Constitutional Rights

You have the following Constitutional Rights:


     If you are before the Court on a Minor Misdemeanor which, has a maximum fine of $ 150.00 (State Statute) or $ 100.00 (City Ordinance) and Court Costs of, $ 92.00 on Traffic cases and $82.00 on Criminal cases.
a.) You have the right to a trial to the Court;
b.) At the trial, the State must has a right to subpoena witnesses and evidence against you. The State must prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in order to convict you;
c.) You have a right to question any witnesses called against you and to contest any evidence presented against you;
d.) You have a right to subpoena witnesses and evidence in your behalf;
e.) You have a right to hire your own attorney;
f.) You have a right to represent yourself;
g.) Anything you say can and will be held against you - you have a Fifth Amendment Right to remain silent;
h.) You have a right to make reasonable bond in this matter;
i.) You have a right to dispose of this case today by entering the following plea, "No Contest", an admission of the truth of the facts being alleged against you in the Complaint. A "NO Contest" plea cannot be used against you in a Civil Court of Law, and may or may not be used to enhance the degree of the crime or the penalties. The Court will make a finding of Guilty and sentence you as if you had pled guilty. You may also pleas Guilty which, is a complete admission of your guilt and can be used against you in all Courts of Law;
j.) If you are a traffic offender - you will have points assessed for moving violations if you are an Ohio resident. Those points range from 2 to 6 points for any one stop. If your points add up to 12 in any two (2) year period of time, you lose your license for six (6) months;
k.) You must have liability Insurance.




a.) You have all the rights listed above for a minor misdemeanor;
b.) In addition, you have a right to have a trial by Jury if you request one in writing;
c.) If, however, you are a third or more OVI offender within the past six (6) years, you have an automatic right to a jury trial;
d.) You have a right to hire an attorney; and,
e.) You have a right to have an attorney appointed for you free of charge if you are indigent. Indigent means that you have NO source of income, you are on A.D.C., G.A. or S.S.I, or your income is below the poverty level as determined by the Judge. You will fill out financial forms, under oath, subjecting yourself to penalties of perjury. The Judge will decide whether to appoint you an attorney free of charge. The Public Defender represents indigent clients on Thursdays except Legal Holiday. A $ 25.00 Public Defender fee is due before the pretrial hearing.
     If you are on Probation to this Court, or any other Court, any jail time which was suspended in your original charge can be reimposed and that jail sentence can be in addition to any jail sentence that you receive on the current charge. You have a Fifth Amendment Right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you.

     If you are unable to pay your fine, you may work it off in the Community Service Program at $ 7.30 an hour or you will be jailed at $ 50.00 per day credit off your fines. Court Costs must be paid.

     If you are convicted of certain crimes of violence, such as Domestic Violence, you shall not possess or own a firearm for life. This is a Federal Law.

     Once a person is convicted of Domestic Violence the Court orders the defendant to have no contact with the victim and the family residence. If the defendant has contact with the victim, even consensual, the defendant will go to jail for the entire sentence.

     If the victim and defendant want to have contact with each other, you must do the following:

1. The victim must complete the PACE program. Marcie Vanfossen, Victim Advocate, with the Prosecutor's Office, will schedule you for PACE.
2. The defendant must complete Mental Health counseling.
3. Counselor must access risk of future violence.
4. The couple must complete marriage counseling.
5. The couple must file a written letter signed by both parties asking the Court to allow contact.
     If you are not a U.S. Citizen you must tell the Court, so that the Judge can give you additional constitutional rights.

     The Court addresses you all individually by reading your charges and defining the minimum and maximum penalties.


Ways to Pay

     Traffic offenders may pay their fines and cost before the date of the Court appearance as listed on the bottom of the traffic citation. Fines and cost may be paid in the Clerk of Court's Office during Court hours or at the Eats Liverpool Police Department after Court hours with the exact change. We do not accept personal checks. Money orders and certified checks are accepted. You can appear in the Clerk of Court's Office and pay by MasterCard or Visa (Court fee surcharge).

     If this is a third traffic violation within one (1) year, by State Law you must appear in Court. You will not be able to pay your fines and cost before your Court appearance. Traffic fines and costs are posted only for first and second traffic violation offenders.